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Board of Directors

If you are interested in becoming involved with the TVCA Board of Directors, please contact one of the Board members listed below for further application information.

Board Bios

Mr. Travis Evenden
Mr. Evenden is the board vice president and secretary for Treasure Valley Classical Academy and firmly believes in the growth and excellence that a classical education model will bring to the surrounding community. In his professional life as a Realtor and in his personal life he strives to help cultivate healthy businesses, families and opportunities for his neighbors to thrive. He imagines a future Treasure Valley with citizens who have grown up in the area, who understand the dedication and commitment of those who came before them and who most importantly are ready to take on the mantle of leading our community to its greatest possible potential.  This is a beautiful part of the country that should be invested in and Mr. Evenden is excited to help create a school that his four children could attend that would prepare them for that future. In his free time Travis and his wife Brooke like to seek out new adventures with their children, whether it be watching local pro wrestling events or listening to live music at their favorite Payette coffeehouse.


Mrs. Ann Frei
Mrs. Frei is a founder and the board member for Treasure Valley Classical Academy. She has lived in Weiser for 46 years with her husband, David, of 47 years. Together they raised four daughters and are grandparents to eight. Mrs. Frei worked for 29 years in city and county government, with 16 of those years as the Washington County Treasurer. During her tenure as treasurer, she served on the state treasurer’s education committee and was also chosen to serve on the national treasurer’s education committee for further education. Mrs. Frei also is a board member for Rose Advocate and is active in her church. She is very excited to be a part of this effort to help educate future citizens—and to teach them to strive to inquire what is true, to learn how to be contributing members of our great country, and to acquire the virtues that will help them to a happy and contented life!


Mr. Kevin Fugate
Mr. Fugate is a board member for Treasure Valley Classical Academy. He upholds the mission of TVCA and works toward an environment where “public-school students may be educated in the liberal arts and sciences and receive instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.” Mr. Fugate graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science degree. After college, he instructed at Treasure Valley Community College until beginning his career in law enforcement – where he specializes in the field of collision reconstruction. Through his work in this specialized field, Mr. Fugate is certified through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionists (ACTAR). Mr. Fugate has been married to his wife, Teresa, for 13 years. They have five children: four boys and one girl.  Mrs. Fugate is a stay-at-home-mom and currently home schools the children. Mr. and Mrs. Fugate anticipate the opportunity to enroll their children in TVCA.


Mr. Marv Lasnick
Mr. Lasnick is the board chair and a founding board member for Treasure Valley Classical Academy.  He is a father of four and currently lives in Fruitland with his wife of over 30 years and his youngest son.  He was born and raised in Fruitland and was in one of the last classes to attend high school in the same building in which TVCA now occupies. His youngest son attends classes in this same building and is benefiting from TVCA’s educational model and its focus to form future citizens who uphold the ideals of our country’s founding.  His only regret is not starting this school earlier so his other children could have attended.  Providing an educational choice that emphasizes the western traditions and American exceptionalism is what motivated he and his wife to help found the school and continues to motivate him to serve on the board and help grow the model throughout Idaho. Mr. Lasnick is a graduate of Boise State University and owns his own software development company – Kapex Technology, LLC.


Mrs. Emma Nelson
Mrs. Nelson is a founder and board member for Treasure Valley Classical Academy. She was attracted to TVCA’s mission with its classical, content rich approach that emphasizes academia, character development, and community engagement because mirrors her own upbringing. Mrs. Nelson is passionate about this educational model as it is accessible to all students and prepares adults to live in freedom and happiness. Those who are trained classically understand who they are in the context of human history. They demonstrate high literacy and critical thinking skills—all of which have an important role in serving our communities. Mrs. Nelson graduated with a doctorate in physical therapy. She provides physical therapy services to the diverse communities of Payette and Malheur county. Professionally, she has gained valuable experience in leadership, improving practice standards, and providing equal accessibility to services. She oversees client outcomes, modifying interventions as necessary. Emma and her husband Marcus currently reside in Payette, Idaho. Mr. Nelson is a mechanical engineer and fourth-generation owner of a local small business. They enjoy family and outdoor activities, such as fishing and bird hunting with their dog, Kobi.


Mrs. Stacy Saylor
Mrs. Saylor is a proud board member and treasurer for Treasure Valley Classical Academy and an enthusiastic supporter of Hillsdale’s Barney Charter School Initiative.  She lives in Payette with her husband and son along with a German Shepherd, and a Siamese cat.  Her daughter is a graduate student at Idaho State in Pocatello. Mrs. Saylor, a retired bank executive and her husband, a retired fire captain, previously homeschooled their son using the Hillsdale Academy’s classical curriculum.  As a family, they enjoy winter sports, hiking and exploring.  Mrs. Saylor and her husband support the school’s mission to train the minds and improve the hearts of students while emphasizing virtuous living, traditional learning, and civic responsibility and are thankful their son is able to attend this outstanding public charter school.

Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Board meetings take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. and are open to the public.  Meeting minutes are posted after being ratified by the board at the following meeting.

2018 Board Meetings

September 05, 2018:  Agenda Minutes
September 20, 2018:  Agenda / Minutes
September 24, 2018:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
October 18, 2018:  Agenda / Minutes
November 15, 2018:  Agenda / Minutes
December 20, 2018:  Agenda / Minutes

2019 Board Meetings

January 10, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
January 17, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
February 21, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
March 7-8, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
March 13, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
March 21, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
April 2, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
April 17, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
April 25-28, 2019:  Special Board Training / Minutes
May 7, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Training Meeting)
May 16, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
June 1, 2019:  Special Board Training / Minutes
June 19, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
July 18, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
August 15, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
August 27, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
September 3, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
September 19, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
October 17, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
November 21, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes
December 19, 2019:  Agenda / Minutes

2020 Board Meetings

January 18, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
January 23, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
February 20, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
February 29, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
March 3, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
March 16, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
March 19, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
April 2, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
April 16, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
May 12, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
May 21, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
June 6, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
June 18, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
June 25, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
July 16, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
August 11, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Training Meeting)
August 20, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
September 1, 2020:  Board and Steering Committee Training Minutes
September 3, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
September 17, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
September 24, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
October 15, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
October 28, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
November 13, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
November 19, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes
December 17, 2020:  Agenda / Minutes

2021 Board Meetings

January 6, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
January 19, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes (Development Committee Meeting)
January 21, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
January 26, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes (Capital Campaign Committee Meeting)
February 18, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
February 26, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
March 18, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
April 15, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
May 5, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
May 20, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
June 17, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
July 15, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
August 17, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes (Development Committee Meeting)
August 19, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
September 1, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes (Finance Committee Meeting)
September 16, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
September 28, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes (Development Committee Meeting)
October 21, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
November 5, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
November 18, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes
December 16, 2021:  Agenda / Minutes

2022 Board Meetings

January 11, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
January 20, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
February 17, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
March 17, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
April 18, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
April 21, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
May 2, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
May 19, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
June 16, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
July 21, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
July 27, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Meeting)
August 18, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
September 20, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
October 18, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
November 15, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes
December 20, 2022:  Agenda / Minutes

2023 Board Meetings

January 17, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes
February 21, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes
March 21, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes
March 23, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Board Meeting)
April 18, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes
May 16, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes
June 20, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes
July 18, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes
August 15, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes
September 19, 2023: Agenda / Minutes
October 17, 2023: Agenda / Minutes
November 21, 2023: Agenda / Minutes
December 19, 2023:  Agenda / Minutes

2024 Board Meetings

January 16, 2024: Agenda / Minutes
February 20, 2024: Agenda / Minutes
March 19, 2024: Agenda / Minutes
April 1, 2024:  Agenda / Minutes (Special Board Meeting)

Important Documents and Public Information

Performance Certificate (Charter)
Public Records and Disclosures
Idaho Report Card

School Board and Monthly Meeting Information

As a public charter school, The Governing Board of TVCA concerns itself primarily with broad questions of policy, oversight and with the appraisal of results rather than with administrative detail. The principal has primary responsibility for all aspects of the school’s operations and programs including the day-to-day management of the school which are outlined in The Family Handbook.
Board meetings occur monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 pm in accordance with Idaho State Law Section 74-204.  The location of board meetings is: Treasure Valley Classical Academy, 500 SW 3rd St, Fruitland, ID 83619.