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Parent Teacher Community Association

Parent Teacher Community Association

The Parent Teacher Community Association (PTCA) functions as the school’s mission-driven parent volunteer organization.  The PTCA is led by two parent co-chairs, who are selected by the school leader, and who serve staggered two-year terms.  The PTCA typically organizes voluntary committees in support of the school’s wider community and extra-curricular activities.  Typical examples of committees include:  teacher appreciation committee, special events committee, fine arts committee, athletics committee, etc.

Mission Support Team

The Mission Support Team (MST) serves as the school’s improvement engine and mission-driven consultative body.  MST membership is comprised of school stakeholders in a multi-constituent and interdisciplinary format.

The team consists of approximately eight to ten members and is led by the PTCA co-chairs.  The MST is comprised of the following members:  PTCA co-chairs, school leadership team, ACSI board member representing the school, upper school faculty member, elementary school faculty member, upper school parent-at-large, and elementary school parent-at-large.  Depending on the need, other members may be added to the team (e.g. student government representatives, etc.).

The MST meets as needed and at the request of school leadership and the PTCA co-chairs.  School leadership and the PTCA co-chairs are responsible for collaborating to fill MST positions.  With the exception of the school leadership and the ACSI board member, MST membership is typically a two-year term.

Tasks typically (though not exclusively) accomplished by the MST are listed below:

–       Assist school leadership with school improvement planning.

–       Oversee annual school surveys (short mid-year and long end-of-year).

–       Host school-wide parent town halls.

–       Assist school leadership with re-charter and accreditation efforts.


If you are interested in serving in the PTCA, please contact the PTCA Co-Chairs directly: ptca@tvcacademy.org.