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Child Find Policy

Treasure Valley Classical Academy, in cooperation with parents and nonpublic school agencies, engages in Child Find services throughout the school year. Child Find activities are conducted (1) to create public awareness of special education programs, (2) to advise the public that students who qualify for services have the right to a free appropriate public education and confidentiality protections, and (3) to inform community residents that a process exists for identifying and serving children with disabilities.

If you know a school-aged child who may have individual needs that result from disabilities or developmental delays and who is not enrolled in a school program, please contact our Student Services Director, Mrs. Danielle Frederick, at (208) 779-4088. These students may have difficulty walking, talking, hearing, or learning, or may display behaviors that appear different from other children their age.

If you are part of a community agency or civic group that would like more information about educating children with disabilities, please call contact Mrs. Frederick.