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School Uniform

For a general overview of the school’s uniform, please click here.  Details on the school uniform are presented below by grade level bands (with required and optional items).

Girls Uniform (K-12)
Boys Uniform (K-12)

PE and Optional Outerwear  Only students in 5th grade and above will dress out for PE classes.
Shoe Guidelines

Educational Outfitters is the school’s vendor for the uniform.

Educational Outfitters is working to catch up with the backlog in uniform orders. If you do not yet have a complete uniform, please follow these guidelines:

  • Students should wear only complete uniforms; do not blend uniform items with non-uniform items.
  • Collared shirts of any kind are preferred; if necessary, T-shirts are acceptable (without writing or excessive graphics).
  • Any pants or skirts are acceptable (in good repair and without holes)
  • Tops must be tucked in and belts worn.

Please keep the School informed about any uniform supply situations that will not be resolved within the first month of school.

Uniform Financial Aid:  The School will provide financial aid for uniforms to families who wish to apply. Please contact the School directly at uniform@tvcacademy.org for further information.