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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Extra-Curricular Clubs signup is now via the MyPaymentsPlus application.
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Airplane & Rocketry Club

If you are interested in airplanes and rockets and the science of how they work, this club is for you. Learn about the history and heroes of aviation and aerospace exploration and build and test fly models of rockets and airplanes. Compete with other teams of builders and learn leadership and how to team with fellow students for success.

  • Sponsor:  Mr. Lambert
  • Meeting Day:  Wednesdays
  • Location:  Hitchcock Art Building
  • Start/End Date:  February 16 – May 4
  • Grade Levels:  3-8
  • Club Fee:  $40 (per semester)

Baking Club

Do you have a sweet tooth? Come bake with us! We will prepare and indulge in a variety of treats, learning the how’s and why’s of baking cakes, cookies, and more. ***Due to space constraints, membership will be limited to two cohorts of five students each. These groups will meet every other week on an A/B rotation.***

  • Sponsor:  Mrs. Condra
  • Meeting Day:  Thursdays
  • Location:  Kitchen
  • Start/End Date:  February 17 – May 19
  • Grade Levels:  5-8
  • Club Fee:  $25

Bible Club

Explore questions of truth and virtue through the lens of the Bible. Learn to use tools such as a Greek and Hebrew lexicon, and engage in discussion with peers. Be prepared to participate in rich discussions and read short passages each week.

  • Sponsor:  Mrs. Hewett
  • Meeting Day:  Wednesdays
  • Location:  Mrs. Hewett’s Classroom
  • Start/End Date:  February 9 – May 18
  • Grade Levels:  6-8
  • Club Fee:  $20

Brick Masters Club

Deep dive into the world of engineering and construction. We will explore through the use of snap circuts and legos. Prepare to work with your team to work through challenging tasks.

  • Sponsor:  Mrs. Hayes (Mrs. Keeler, Mrs. Turpin)
  • Meeting Days:  Every other Wednesday
  • Location:  Mrs. Hayes’ Classroom
  • Start/End Date:  February 23 – May 5
  • Grade Levels:  5-8
  • Club Fee:  $30

Dignity & Grace Club

Making virtuous choices can be difficult in the today’s world, and we now have a group at TVCA to help support young ladies as they navigate the often challenging terrain of being a modern woman. “Dignity and Grace”, TVCA’s young women’s group, will support our young ladies by exploring the lives and insights of great women (and men) from the past, and discussing how we can apply their wisdom to the unique struggles of today’s women. Through our time together, we will work to define our understanding of what it means to be a virtuous woman, build relationships with one another through activities and discussions, and determine how to best handle all of the challenges the world brings our way with dignity and grace.

  • Sponsor:  Mrs. Williams
  • Meeting Day:  First Thursday of the Month During Studium
  • Location:  Yorktown Room
  • End Date:  May 27
  • Grade Levels:  7-8 Girls
  • Club Fee:  No Fee

Junior Brick Club

If you are interested in the world of engineering this club is for you. We will explore foundations of electricity, motion, force, and structure through the use of snap circuts and legos. Be prepared to solve problems by thinking logically and creatively with your team.

  • Sponsor:  Mrs. Hayes (Mrs. Keeler, Mrs. Turpin)
  • Meeting Days:  Every other Wednesday
  • Location:  Mrs. Hayes’ Classroom
  • Start/End Date:  February 16 – April 22
  • Grade Levels: 1-4
  • Club Fee:  $20

Junior Classical League

Are you interested in Greek and Roman mythology? Ancient history, art, languages, and literature? Do you want to explore connections between the past and the present? Discuss how ancient civilizations can help us appreciate better what it means to grow into an excellent person? This is your club!

  • Sponsor:  Mr. Enloe
  • Meeting Day:  Fridays
  • Location:  Latin Classroom
  • End Date:  May 4
  • Grade Levels:  6-8
  • Club Fee:  $20

Science Club

There is so much to be inspired by in the natural world, and the Science Club is ready to start exploring! In this club, we will be learning about different aspects of nature, and how science progresses in our world. The topics we will explore will be determined by the interests of the club members, so come with ideas of what we can investigate!

  • Sponsor:  Mrs. Williams
  • Meeting Day:  Every other Thursday
  • Location:  Mrs. William’s Classroom
  • End Date:  February 10 – May 27
  • Grade Levels:  5-8
  • Club Fee:  $20

Strategic Games Club

What do William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, and Albert Einstein have in common? Two things: 1) all played games of strategy; 2) all became great. Students interested in doing likewise should join this club. Members will practice sportsmanship and develop strategic thinking skills through friendly strategy game play and competition. NOTE: Registration is open initially to returning members only.

  • Sponsor:  Dr. Condra (Mrs. Condra, Mr. Phipps)
  • Meeting Day:  Thursdays
  • Location: Hitchcock Art Building
  • Start/End Date:  February 17 – May 6
  • Grade Levels:  5-8
  • Club Fee:  $20

Theater Club

This year at TVCA, we are continuing our joy of learning through the dabbling in performing arts. Theater Club is a place where talents are nurtured, skills are learned, and confidence is built. In this club, our students will enjoy memorizing and practicing lines, learning basic stage awareness and terminology, and hopefully, fall in love with theater. Friendships and memories are just some of the fruit that will come out of being involved with a theater production, no matter the size or grandeur.

  • Sponsor:  Mrs. Goodwin (Mrs. Roberts)
  • Meeting Day:  Thursdays
  • Location: Mrs. Goodwin’s Classroom and the Auditorium
  • Start/End Date:  February 17 – May 20
  • Grade Levels:  6-8
  • Club Fee:  $15

Wilderness Pursuits Club

Join the Wilderness Pursuits Club and develop the physical and mental skills necessary to endure and enjoy a journey in nature. In addition to pitting yourself against Idaho’s pristine wilderness, you will have the opportunity to learn wilderness survival, wilderness first aid, navigation, and trail etiquette. This club is not for the faint of heart. Montes vocant, et debeo ire!

  • Sponsor:  Mrs. Williams (Mr. Baber, Mrs. Holscher, Mr. Lambert)
  • Meeting Days:  Thursdays (as announced)
  • Location:  Mrs. Williams’ Classroom
  • End Date:  May 27
  • Grade Levels:  7-8
  • Club Fee:  $30


Register for Extra-Curricular Clubs:

  1. Visit www.mypaymentsplus.com and click “register now”.
  2. Select Idaho and Treasure Valley Classical Academy in the dropdown menu.
  3. Enter your first and last name along with your email address. Create a password that’s at least seven characters and includes at least one number. Double-check that everything is accurate before continuing to the next step.
  4. Select the option that represents you best: parent/guardian, student, staff member, or guest.  Click next after making the appropriate selection.
  5. Add students to your new account. If you do not know your students’ ID numbers, you may find it on your students report card, schedule or contact the front office.
  6. Once you have added your students to the account, click “done.”