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Distributed Learning

The goals of our distributed learning plan are to nurture our school and classroom communities, to help our students feel connected, and to provide some academic structure.


  • Teachers provide 3-4 hours of academic time per student, per day (to include daily live interactive sessions, pre-recorded sessions, and time for reading and other assignments).
  • Pre-recorded specials sessions (art, music, Spanish, P.E.) are provided once per week.
  • Buses run daily routes starting at 11:00am to distribute lunches and to distribute and collect academic work.
  • Lunches and academic materials are available for pick-up from school from 11:15am – 2:00pm daily.
  • Lunches will be prepared for all FFRL students. Non-FFRL families: please call the school as soon as possible to place a lunch order if you have not already placed one. 
  • Homeroom teachers are families’ points of contact for general questions and concerns (for example, please contact homeroom teachers for bus stops and times).

Daily Live Sessions:

  • Homeroom teachers follow the daily “live” schedule below (to deconflict for households with multiple siblings).
  • Students are expected to exhibit our school virtues during live sessions.
  • Attendance is taken for live sessions in order to promote academic continuity.
  • Technical support is available: please email support@tvcacademy.org or call the school.
Time Slot Grade Level
07:30am – 08:45am 6th Grade
08:50am – 10:05am 5th Grade
10:10am – 11:25am 4th Grade
11:30am – 12:25pm 3rd Grade
12:30pm – 01:15pm 2nd Grade
01:20pm – 02:05pm 1st Grade
02:10pm – 02:55pm Kindergarten


Notes to Parents of Younger Students:

  • We encourage you to help your students learn and practice literacy by making use of our TVCA Phonics Guide for Parents.
  • All Primary Phonics and Stevenson Readers are TVCA property and must be returned due to publisher copyright controls. Also due to publisher copyright controls, any and all readers made available electronically are for TVCA student use only.

We ask that parents be patient during the first few days of bus distribution! Buses may arrive a little later than their scheduled times as drivers, distributors, parents, and students all get used to the routine.