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Treasure Valley Classical Academy emphasizes a content-rich, integrated, traditional curriculum that not only features the arts and sciences, but also integrates character formation and the school’s core virtues: Courage, Courtesy, Honesty, Perseverance Self-Government, and Service.  Our curriculum is aligned with to the classical approach to learning and human formation. Learn more about classical education here.

Curriculum Overview

  • Treasure Valley Classical Academy seeks to develop students in both mind and character. Students are expected to conduct themselves honorably in word and deed, to strive to live by the virtues, and to encourage others to do so as well. Read more about our approach to character formation here.
  • English literacy—the code of the English language and how to read and think—are critical to life-long wellbeing and cognitive development. Treasure Valley Classical Academy uses Access Literacy’s neuro-linguistic approach to teach English literacy. This is a research proven method that integrates writing and spelling to teach reading and promote thinking. Read more about our elementary literacy program here.
  • Mathematics is a language that describes the world around us. It is both beautiful in and of itself and a central component of the arts and sciences. Numeracy and an early understanding of the language of mathematics are essential to long-term well-being and cognitive development. Read more about our approach to elementary mathematics here.

Academic Program

Our academic program is based around a “back-to-basics” approach where spelling counts, English grammar is taught explicitly, manners matter, hard work is expected, and standardized testing does not drive the curriculum. We offer low teacher-student ratios (no more than 54 students per grade and 18-27 students per teacher) and a faculty of passionate subject matter experts with demonstrated mastery of the humanities, mathematics, and sciences. Students are required to wear uniforms, as we find that reduces distractions and promotes good behavior in the classroom.

Academic Highlights

  • Full-day Kindergarten
  • Significant emphasis on phonics-based reading, spelling and vocabulary.
  • Text-centered, teacher-led instruction fostering pre-Socratic inquiry and discussion.
  • Memory work, recitation, and public speaking cultivated through practice.
  • Mathematics taught conceptually using Singapore Math in cross-grade ability grouping.
  • Reading of the great books in literature and primary source documents in history.
  • Visual and performing arts emphasizing theory, history, and performance.
  • Spanish taught K-6 with Latin and Greek roots introduced in 4th-6th grades.
  • Latin required in grades 7-9, followed by choice of more Latin or Spanish.
  • Optional Advanced Placement courses in math, languages, and the sciences in grades 10-12.
  • Senior capstone thesis providing a challenging academic rite of passage: requires a 20-page paper and an oral defense before the faculty and fellow students.
  • Active Parent Teacher Community Association (PTCA).
  • Affiliated with Hillsdale College Barney Charter School Initiative.

Curriculum Map

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Note: Only grades K-6 will be offered for the inaugural 2019-2020 school year. One additional grade will be added each year thereafter until the school reaches K-12 status.