TVCA Shifts Opening Date one Week

All-School Open House – Thursday, August 22
First School Day – Friday, August 23

Dear TVCA Families,

Due to construction—and in consultation with our board and partners—we have decided to shift our opening date by one week from August 15 to August 22 to finalize renovations to our building. While we realize this delay may be inconvenient for some of our families, we believe this change is in the best interests of the school community. The school building is in the final stages of development and renovation, and a few extra days will help us put the finishing touches on the building. When school begins the building will be complete, welcoming, and ready for students.

We are finishing a journey that began more than three years ago with a dream to open a classical charter school in Fruitland. Almost all the preparation work has been done. The curriculum has arrived, the heavy-duty copier machines are getting ready to churn out copies, the electrical, HVAC, security system, wireless network, new roof, new bathrooms, new kitchen, and many other components are complete. Even though we have been working long hours, we need a little bit more time to get things just right. We are excited to show the community our new home!

As you know, we are a non-profit, home-grown effort founded by local parents who want access to a high-quality, classical education for everyone in our community. Our faculty and staff are currently undergoing intensive pre-opening training just down the street from the school. Though this schedule change is a bit frustrating for all of us, we appreciate the tremendous support you have demonstrated throughout this process and can’t wait to see you when we officially open our doors.

We have shifted our All-School Open House to Thursday, August 22, and our First School Day to Friday, August 23. Incidentally, this is the same week that our Fruitland sister schools begin their school years. We wanted you to know this as soon as possible—and we look forward to our exciting inaugural open house and first school day!

Sincerely yours,

S. P. Lambert

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