Important Launch Year Updates!

Welcome to 2019 and our inaugural school year! Please take a moment to read through many important updates below.

Board Announces Lottery Date
Treasure Valley Classical Academy will hold its first school lottery for grades K-6 on Friday, April 12, 2019. Each grade can be enrolled to 54 students. If 54 or fewer intent-to-enroll forms are received for a grade, offers of admission will be extended to those who applied. If more than 54 intent-to-enroll forms are received for a grade, a grade-level lottery will take place, the result of which will be 54 offers of admission and a numerical wait list.

Important Application Note:  All applicants (families) will be required to accomplish an intent-to-enroll form via SchoolMint prior to the lottery. Detailed information about SchoolMint will be released in the next few weeks. All applicants must fill out an application via SchoolMint even if an intent-to-enroll form from the TVCA website has already been filled out. Everyone will have the opportunity to confirm their application status in SchoolMint prior to the lottery.

City Approves Permits
In December, the Fruitland Planning & Zoning Commission approved our use permit as a school and the Fruitland City Council subsequently approved our parking plan. We have signed a parking agreement with the Highway Worship Center to provide additional parking spaces for our faculty and staff. The Highway Worship Center is a short walk from the front entrance of the school.

Building Hope Selects Renovation Contract 
As our facility partner, Building Hope will oversee the $3 million building renovation contract. The contract has been awarded to a major Boise-area contractor with expertise in school construction and renovation. The objective is to bring the facility up to code and safety standards, while maintaining the historical look and feel of the building. The major components of the contract include: roof repair and replacement, internal classroom remodeling, HVAC replacement, ADA and accessibility upgrades, fire control and sprinkler installation, electrical upgrades, lighting upgrades, security and access control systems, networking systems, and the installation of a full-service, commercial grade kitchen. The entire structure has undergone extensive engineering analysis and testing to ensure it will meet safety requirements and current building codes.

New Volunteers Join the TVCA Team
Please welcome Mrs. Holly Fugate and Mr. Howard Rynearsonto Team TVCA!  Both join us in crucial volunteer positions.

  • Mrs. Fugate is serving as our Enrollment Coordinator. She is handling all of our enrollment and registration requirements–including the on boarding of our new SchoolMint application, lottery, and registration software. Be on the lookout for more information on SchoolMint in the near future. You can reach Mrs. Fugate at:
  • Mr. Rynearson is serving as our Community Outreach Coordinator. He is assisting us to engage our surrounding communities and civic organizations, and is helping to get the word out about our school. You can reach Mr. Rynearson at:

We greatly appreciate their vital commitment to our mission!

Urgent:  Volunteer Needed to Lead Uniform Committee
We are looking for a volunteer who is willing to help establish and then lead our uniform committee. This committee will design and set requirements for our school uniform. This is a terrific opportunity to work in close consultation with the board and the administration and to impact the look and feel of our future school.  Interested individuals should send an e-mail to Mr. Lambert at

Please Note:  Location Change for Next Information Session
The information session scheduled for Tuesday, January 22, at 7:00pm, will be held at the Payette Public Library.  Please help us get the word out about the change.  The remainder of the information sessions will be held at off-campus locations due to ongoing construction for our building renovation.

Enrollment Statistics
Enrollment is critical to our future success as a school. To give you a quick update, we currently have almost 290 intent-to-enroll applications, with 26% of those for Kindergarten, and the rest more or less evenly distributed from first through sixth grade. In terms of geography, almost 71% are from Fruitland and Payette, 11% from New Plymouth, and the rest mostly from Emmet, Weiser, and Parma, but also as far away as Caldwell, Marsing, and Meridian.

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